Nafpaktos, with a long and turbulent past of 3500 years, is the capital of Nafpaktia province of the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania. A picturesque port, clean beaches, the castle, abundant fresh water and gigantic age-old plane trees make it one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. Explore one of the most beautiful areas of Greece, where nature has offered all its beauties.

Visit the Venetian port, the Venetian castle, walk on the pedestrian cobbled streets (Stenopazaro) or enjoy your coffee on one of its beautiful beaches, Gribovo and Psani. Nafpaktos is a lively town all year round, with lots of cultural events, such as the Nafpaktos Carnival, the annual celebration and re-enactment of the sea battle of Lepanto, the Good Friday litany. In our hotel you will find all the necessary maps, information and routes to mountainous Nafpaktia, as well as information about clean beaches in the area which have been awarded Blue Flags.

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